Hyundai Blue Link Platform Connects Drivers and Their Cars

If you are like us at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno, you know connectivity is a familiar theme when it comes to discussions of modern features in cars. By connectivity, we mean the capability that drivers have to interact with their cars, for example, navigation or wireless audio streaming, or to connect with other drivers through, such as hands-free phone calls. However, there are other, more advanced types of connectivity that vehicles can utilize to make life easier for drivers. That is what Hyundai’s Blue Link® platform does. By connecting your smartphone or smartwatch to your car’s computer, Blue Link enables Hyundai drivers to have remote connectivity to certain features of their vehicles.

Here are some examples of connectivity that Blue Link can bring to you and your Hyundai vehicle:

  • Using Blue Link, drivers can lock or unlock the doors on their Hyundai vehicle remotely. Why is this an improvement over your key remote? One word is the answer: distance. Blue Link works from far away, so the next time you go to work and remember your brand-new 2017 Hyundai Elantra is sitting unlocked in the parking garage, you can pull out your smartphone and lock the car’s doors from your cubicle—just don’t let the boss see you on your cell phone at work!
  • Another exciting feature is the ability to start the ignition of your Hyundai vehicle remotely through Blue Link. The next time the weather in Fresno is too hot for comfort—which, seeing as it is July right now, will probably be tomorrow—you can start up your Santa Fe, Sonata, or other Hyundai vehicle in advance to let the air conditioning run for several minutes before you jump behind the steering wheel.

Inquire about Blue Link for your current or next Hyundai model at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno today!

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