Hyundai Youth Football Camp 2016 Makes Dreams into Reality

How many of us have been sprawled out on the couch in our homes on a Sunday afternoon, potato chip crumbs tumbling down our shirt, soda can in one hand, television remote in the other, watching our favorite NFL team playing in a game, and wishing we could be on the field right alongside the players?

If you are are a customer of ours at Lithia Hyundai of Fresno, you probably live in or near Fresno, California. Based on your home address, we would guess you are a 49ers or Raiders fan, although there also some Cowboys fans here too, but as America’s team, they are everywhere. The point is, however, that it is a universal dream for NFL fans to meet with their beloved team’s players, let alone play football with them!

What would be even greater, though, is having such an experience as kids. Oh man, that would be unforgettable. But for many lucky kids across America, Hyundai made this dream become reality through its Hyundai Youth Football Camp 2016.

As an official NFL sponsor, Hyundai used its football connections to arrange several camps on the practice fields of five NFL teams. As part of the camp, the participating kids learned football drills from none other than one or more NFL players.

Among the teams that participated in Hyundai’s youth football camps were the Vikings, Steelers, Texans, Dolphins, and Cardinals. Some of the players who taught football drills to the kids included DeAngelo Williams, Patrick Peterson, and DeVante Parker.


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